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5 Elements Every Couple Should Include in Their Wedding Shoot

By Kriti Gulati, 04/09/18
Kriti Gulati
5 Elements Every Couple Should Include in Their Wedding Shoot
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If you are planning to hire a neighbourhood wedding photographer and videographer to do your wedding shoot without doing any research, think again. We have compiled 5 new elements that you can include in your own wedding shoot.

We all hope that our wedding shoot will capture every little detail of our wedding. From the smile on your mom’s face when she witnesses the engagement, to the tears your dad will shed during Bidai, you hope that the photographer got it all. Reason: When your kids sit down to watch your wedding video and photos; they should really be able to help you relive those memories.

Before you let the photographer do his job, you must educate yourself with the 5 new elements that you can include in your wedding shoot. Since the photography industry is constantly evolving, we hope these new elements will add the right spark to your wedding shoot.

1. Wedding Teaser

Just like you watch trailers to big Bollywood flicks, the wedding trailer is the same. It’s a fascinating short intro to the main wedding movie. Also, wedding videographers make sure that they build a  suspense around the movie. Many times the wedding teasers contain no dialogue, the edits are punchy, and don’t reveal too much from the main film.

2. Save the Date/WhatsApp invite

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Save the Date invites in the form of photos or videos are the next big way to make your wedding announcement. You can either opt for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or use WhatsApp/E-mails or create your own wedding website. Actually, come to think of it, Save the Date invites or Whatsapp invites are cheaper, as you save on printing cost. It’s less cumbersome; you don’t have to drive to each relative’s house and much more fun to plan and execute. Keep in mind that your wedding video should not look cheesy or fake because your guests will clearly call it out.

3. Lip Dub Videos

The sole point of shooting a lip dub video is to capture the fun/exciting aspect of your wedding. Discuss with your wedding photographer, the idea of shooting a lip dub video if it can be a part of your wedding shoot package. Choose the right song, make a list of people you want to be featured in the video, and practice before your D-day. The lip dub video will look natural if you are yourself, enjoying and letting go of all inhibitions. Go break a leg, as your video might become viral on the internet!

4. Vanity images

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Before you actually walk down the aisle, the process of you getting ready is also equally important. This entire process results in some gorgeous vanity photos which are full of emotion, love and happiness. These could include shots of you getting ready, your makeup artists working on you, someone helping you drape your outfit, close up shots of your outfit and jewellery. If possible, try and sneak in a few shots with your mother while getting ready. These moments can be frozen for life.

5. Cinematic wedding video

A one-of-its-kind wedding video is the best present a newly married couple can gift themselves. The perfect wedding video is all about freezing all the cherished moments in one video. Before you start scouting for wedding videographers to do your wedding shoot, you must be clear about what you want. Do you want a delightful wedding movie, a hilarious one or an emotional movie? Don’t forget, shooting a wedding video is an art in itself.

In order to deliver personalised wedding photos and videos, it is very important that your wedding photographers and videographers are able to see your real personalities, know your likes and dislikes, and peek into your relationship with your partner.

Now that you have got a list of elements that you can include in your wedding shoot, it’s time to start hunting for the right wedding photographer.

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