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Looking for That Ultimate Wedding Photoshoot That Will Deck up the Family Walls and Albums? Ace It with These Shots

By Chinar Ghorawat, 12/11/18
Chinar Ghorawat
Looking for That Ultimate Wedding Photoshoot That Will Deck up the Family Walls and Albums? Ace It with These Shots
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You can live your wedding day a thousand times over through photographs. The moments that are captured on camera are the ones that will live forever in your memories. Let’s make sure that you get your moments right!

The art of photography lies in capturing details that naked eyes cannot capture. Your wedding day is a day full of love, emotions, fun, togetherness and everything that you will cherish all your life. You don’t want your wedding photoshoot to miss any of your big moments, right? Well, we don’t want that either. Hence, with the wedding season already upon us, we thought it would be great to give you some learning on all the essential wedding photoshoot elements and tips that you need in your album to make it worthy.

1. Getting Ready Shots

Ambi Multimedia

All the wedding jitters whilst you’re getting ready for the big ceremony must be captured. The excitement contained in your hearts is what your wedding photoshoot will reflect and these are memories that you would want to relive even after years of your marriage. The bliss of having your favourite cousins with you and to top it all, your best friends by your side as your mascara gets decked up for the big day to count. A glass of wine in hand and a few lame jokes or some inside ones to laugh at is a memory you will want to look back to before you walked down the aisle on your big day.


Some of the best shots while getting ready to include the hair and makeup process for the bride, candid shots with friends for the groom, and a series of the gradual process of looking like a bride and groom for one of the greatest celebrations of your life. The little bit of every detail matters when framed properly.

Bhumi & Simran Photography

With wedding photographers and wedding videographers being immaculate about the shots they want, some of their favourites that always end up making way into your album are:

2. Before it, all begins

Dhanika Choksi Photography

Once you are ready for all the ceremonies to begin, the photographers are the first one to catch you mid-way for the wedding photoshoot and take the best first few shots with your family and friends. This moment must not be missed as your hair and makeup is on point and you look fresher than you ever will during the entire ceremony.

Also before you have seen the final turn out of the dream come true through this event of a lifetime with your better half, they will be the ones getting the gorgeous aesthetics captured right in their frames and your venue will be a treat even in the photos years later.

Dhanika Choksi Photography

So if your photographer catches hold of you before it all begins, just give in with a big wide smile on your face and your close ones around.

3. At the Wedding

Ambi Multimedia

Every itty bitty detail of what happens is worth capturing for your wedding photoshoot. Be it your parents’ excitement, or your friends' fun, you do not want the photographer to miss even a single frame. These are your treasured memories that can actually be framed so you can revisit them when the sands of time have blown away.


However, some moments that are really worth putting into your album are the ones that you and your partner experience amidst all the fun and chaos because after all it is your fairytale and you are the princess to the prince charming riding in on a white horse, or in case of this image, an elephant.

Kulbeer Arora Photography

The grand bride entry and groom entry is what marks the start of the big ceremony. The photo opportunities will be infinite during the wedding, but moments that truly mean something even after years are:

4. After the Wedding

Shutterdown - Lakshya Chawla

You might want to believe that once the pheras and vidaai are over, your job of being photographed is over too. Well, we are extremely sorry to burst your bubble but once the entire ceremony ends; it is time for you to become the photographer’s muse again. It is the right time to shoot all the overly romantic poses and the typical happily ever after ones too. However typical and regular these poses might seem, the truth is that your wedding photoshoot will not be complete without these. So go ahead and be a little cheesy for once, as this is your day, your moment and you must live it to the fullest!

We bet you’ve never given your wedding photoshoot such a deep thought. Well, we hope we’ve made it simpler for you to understand the importance of each and every shot that makes the entire album complete. It is time that you let your hair loose and enjoy every moment that is being captured to remember for a lifetime. 

Dhanika Choksi Photography

Do you love these wedding photoshoot elements as much as we do? If yes, then comment below and tell us which one really steals your heart and will surely make its way in your album?

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