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How to Ace the Game of Wedding Dance Choreography When It's Your Sister's Wedding

By , 18/12/18
Shrennya Kalyani
How to Ace the Game of Wedding Dance Choreography When It
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We know you are fully pepped and pumped to prepare for a sizzling wedding dance for your cousin's or BFF's wedding. But planning one can be quite a tricky task. Here's a guide to help you through it.

Are you in charge of planning the wedding dance choreography in your family? Congratulations! For you have a job that's considered least important by the elders of the family and yet holds the key for a fun-filled ceremony. So how do you go about it?

How about you share this headache with a professional wedding choreographer and make your life easier? When you have a lot of people to coordinate wedding dances with, a choreographer can be your life-saver. But even with the help of one, there are certain conditions only you can take care of. Let's start with the most common ones. 

1. When you're all in the same city


Your guests might have arrived early because they want to help you out, it is a destination wedding or they live in the same city. Whichever be the reason, it provides you with the convenience to get the group to practice together. When it is your BFF's wedding, you would surely want to go all in. Be it by preparing 3-4 different performances for different ceremonies or coordinating with everyone to ensure that you have ample practice before the day arrives.

A real-life bridesmaid, Rohini Juneja, shares her experience, "I had to go directly from my workplace to our arduous practice sessions right after. And we managed to kill it on the stage even with such a hectic schedule."

2. When you're in different cities


Wedding dance practices are easier said than done when you're in the same city. But when the members of your group are in different cities, it becomes a whole new ball game. The best-case scenario in such a situation is to provide every member with a dance choreography video so that they can prepare at their own place.

Another bridesmaid, Ananya Sharma recounts, "We were a group of 6 people trying to prepare a dance for Mehndi. The problem was that every couple lived in a different city. We coordinated over Whatsapp and every couple practised watching the dance video. We met directly on the day of the performance and our first practice of that wedding dance as a group was on stage. It was good fun and we were able to contribute in our own little way."

3. When you aren't exactly pally with your cousins


Don't pick Dandiya in such a case. It is very common to see family members who don't gel well with one another. But during the carnival of the big fat Indian wedding, the whole clan comes together and you have to play nice with your not-so-nice relatives.

To successfully plan a wedding dance, in this case, is to assign separate songs to different sets of cousins and have a grand finale at the end. This way you can ensure the least friction related to the scope of wedding dance. 

4. Keep the scale of the function in mind


If you are a big family, even small-time home functions can turn into a big affair where you have to coordinate with 20-25 people. And if you're doing performing wedding dances for a larger audience, the number of people will also increase in the same manner.

To give one heck of a performance with such a big group, you should try and keep the choreography simple, crisp and easy to learn. Repetitions of steps won't even matter when the stage is filled with enthusiastic performers to just want to nail it. 

5. Use dancers to non-dancers ratio

Focal Frame by Chan

Not everyone participating in your wedding dances will be a natural dancer. It's your family and friends, after all, you know exactly how good or pathetic they are at it. The smart way is to balance that ratio in every performance.

When Radhika Goel was preparing a dance for her best friend's wedding, they kept the group size small, 3-4 members in each dance. They put the trained dance performers in the front and non-dancers at the back. When you do this, all you have to achieve is coordination for your wedding dance to look amazing.

Preparing for wedding dances can be the most fun part of your wedding planning. Ensure that you let loose and keep the happy vibe going. You can pick fun and peppy numbers for the wedding dances or create a story around them. Make it as interesting as possible. Even if you goof-up, the bride and the rest of the family will have something to laugh about reminiscing the wedding. They will probably pull your leg for a long time after the wedding is over. 

Share your wedding dance stories with us through the comments below.

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