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Learn About the Traditional Dress of Rajasthan for Both Men and Women Which Are Perfect for Weddings

By , 19/04/19
Anchal Bhatia
 Learn About the Traditional Dress of Rajasthan for Both Men and Women Which Are Perfect for Weddings
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Without a doubt, traditional Rajasthani outfits are outstanding and absolutely gorgeous. Let us explore these colourful attires for both men and women and learn how you can adorn it for wedding festivities along with traditional accessories.

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There is something quite different about Rajasthani dresses and accessories, don’t you think? The costumes of Rajasthan seem to be drenched in myriad colours that lend them a unique visual attractiveness. Rajasthani costumes are well known for their vibrancy and so are the accessories and jewellery. Let’s take a close look at the traditional dress of Rajasthan for both men and women that you can wear for the wedding and pre-wedding festivities. Have a browse!

1. Introduction to Traditional Dress of Rajasthan for women

Image Courtesy: Sabyasachi's Facebook Page

Women of Rajasthan love to dress in some of the world’s most colourful costumes. They generally wear Ghagra, a type of long skirt. The ghagra is usually worn along with a choli or blouse. Some women also wear Kurti's over their Ghagras. The whole dress is complemented by a colourful Odhni or a Dupatta. Wedding Ghagras worn by the womenfolk of Rajasthan comes in various vibrant colours and prints like Leheriya and Mothra. These are usually made of cotton.

2. How to Wear it for Weddings

If you are planning to wear the traditional dress of Rajasthan - ghagra for weddings consider picking one in red tones. You can get Ghagras designed with embroidered patterns all over. If opulence is on your mind, pick a lehenga or a ghagra with beads or with gold Zari work. You may also wear one that has work done with stones.


The traditional dress of Rajasthan, Odhni is basically a dupatta whose one end of the corner is usually tucked inside the ghagra, while the other end is draped over the head. The Odhni's are worn according to the class and occasion. Typically, it is opaque and is quite heavy. As per custom, every Rajasthani bride has to wear it along with her Ghagra. Embellished with stones and embroidery, an Odhni can take a bride’s look several notches higher.

3. Traditional accessories for women

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Rajasthani women look grand in their attire which is complemented uniquely by traditional accessories such as jholas, Jutis, and jewellery crafted with stones like emeralds and diamonds.


Essentially bags made out of cloth, the jholas are colourful and lend a unique look to a woman. Being a bride, you will need to carry yourself with a certain style, and these jholas are the perfect way to add dazzles to your look. You can carry a jhola embellished with mirrors or stones for your sangeet or reception party. These jholas suit every kind of wedding attire and come in plenty of colours.

Jutis or Mojaris:

Jutis are traditional Chappals worn by both men and women of Rajasthan as well as Punjab. These are handcrafted and embellished with embroidered designs. These flat chappals have become so popular that you can spot brides wearing them during their wedding functions like sangeet and haldi.


Nothing can compare with the traditional jewellery worn by a Rajasthani woman. She wears different kinds of jewellery for different parts of her body, like Chura for her wrists, Rakhri for her forehead and Timaniyaan (choker necklace) for her neck. These pieces are usually studded with diamonds. A woman in Rajasthan is also fond of wearing toe rings called Bichhiyas and Nath, a nose ring. Silver is also popular with the women of Rajasthan. If you are planning on getting a royal look, go fora diamond embellished choker, diamond or Rajashtani Nath, Chura in ivory and gold tones and heavy Rakhri. Match these up with the wedding ghagra that you have selected.

4. Introduction to the traditional dress of Rajasthan for men

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Menfolk of Rajasthan are not far behind women in dressing up. They look as colourful and gorgeous as women. Their costumes include a Pagri (turban), Dhoti or Pyjama, Angarkha, Patka (waistband) and Kamarbandh.

5. How to wear it for weddings

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It's one of the most important traditional dress of Rajasthan that all men wear. It’s a turban worn in different styles and colours. It is usually elaborately designed during weddings. Wear a Pagri that complements your wedding costume. Make it as colourful as possible. Choose your Pagri with embellishments in stone and other motifs.

Dhoti and Pyjama: Usually, men wear Dhotis or Pyjamas in white colour. It’s an essential piece of lower body garment. For a big event like a wedding, pick a Dhoti that is made out of silk, and has rich borders created out of Zari to lend it a royal look.

Angarkha: This piece is also an integral part of the traditional dress of Rajasthan, and is typically worn to protect the body. Wear an angarkha that is designer. Such types come with Bandhani and mirror work. Go for geometric circular patterns on your Angarkha as well as those that have Gota Patti work in golden tones.

If you want to wear a traditional dress of Rajasthan at your wedding, go ahead and stun everyone. You are bound to make heads turn!

Would you like to wear a traditional dress of Rajasthan for your big day? Let us know through comments.                  

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