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7 Realistic yet Romantic Promises for Girlfriend to Base the Foundation of Marriage On

By Shrennya Kalyani, 09/02/19
Shrennya Kalyani
7 Realistic yet Romantic Promises for Girlfriend to Base the Foundation of Marriage On
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If you've been wondering what does one promise on the Promise Day, we've come up with some ideas. These will help you make honest promises to each other. Read on.

You've been dating for a while now and are planning to get married on Valentine's Day. While you've been busy chasing the most romantic day of the year drowning in all the wedding planning chaos, the week of love has arrived. And might we suggest, that you should celebrate each and every day of this week apart from your wedding functions as a personal celebration shared only by the two of you. This will give you some more bonding time and bring the two of you even closer.

So, for this Promise Day, plan your promises in the exact way you mean them. No need to borrow movie quotes or poems. They will all fail in front of the true words coming straight out of your heart. But what do you actually promise on a Promise Day? Let us guide you on a starting point for romantic promises for girlfriend.

1. Romantic Promises for Girlfriend About Faith

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Make a promise to your SO that you will always have faith in him. No matter how outrageous his start-up idea sounds or his crammed up to-do list seems. You will support him through thick and thin. Even when he feels low or fails, your belief in him should never diminish. Promise to be his support system for all the times to come. 

2. Romantic Promises for Girlfriend About Health

Take care of each other and each other's health. Be it through making him follow a balanced diet or pushing him to go to the gym with you. Take him to your yoga class and go for a run together. But remember, health is not just a physical aspect. It might also mean, treating each other with care even when you've locked horns over something. It means not bickering over small things and making your home a safe place to be for the sake of both of your mental peace. 

3. Romantic Promises for Girlfriend About Fun

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Promise to make him laugh once every day. Even on the days you've had a fight and are not talking, prank him and blow up your anger in a burst of hearty laughter. Take him out to watch a comedy play, go for paintball fight, go for all the fun stuff together.  This silly ritual might play a hand in making your marriage become stronger.

4. Romantic Promises for Girlfriend About Respect

Respect each other's opinions, ideas and worth without fail. Promise that to each other. You might not like some movies of his taste or some cuisine for that matter, but don't trash his liking just because it does not match yours. When he needs his own space and does not shower you with attention, respect his boundaries and let him breathe.

5. Romantic Promises for Girlfriend About Growth

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During your lifetime, you will be ever-evolving, ever-growing. You mature and become wise, you will step higher on the career ladder. Remember to push each other for growth, don't let the other one become satisfied with what they've achieved and sit back. Be it on the emotional front or spiritual, facilitate each other's growth to make the maximum of your potential.

6. Romantic Promises for Girlfriend About Individuality

This promise has more to do with you than him. This is a promise you make to yourself and him both that you will never let go of your individuality. Be the strong person he fell in love with. Don't become a people-pleaser in your marriage because of the circumstances or people around you. Let him feel how proud he is of you each day but showing him that you still are the boss bride he took Saat Phere with.  

7. Romantic Promises for Girlfriend About Friendship

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"It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends." These wise words of Dumbledore from Harry Potter will remind you that in order to be the best friends to each other, you will need to lay the bitter truth out and confront your partner about things. This might be everyday stuff or baggage he does not want to accept and then let go of. It is your job to call him out on his BS and keep him on the right path. 

We hope that you will find it romantic to take care of each other every day or your married life. Shower him with attention and pamper him from time to time, just as he does for you. Make your promises about the real things in life and not just the mushy stuff.

Tell us what promises do you come up with for this Promise Day. 

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