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5 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Rules for Unique and Personalised Pictures

By Aanchal Tuli, 16/11/17
Aanchal Tuli
5 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Rules for Unique and Personalised Pictures
Naman Verma

Cheesy or cool, there's a pre-wedding shoot for every couple type. Here's how you can create a photo story that suits you! Take cues from this article and start taking notes now!

In the last few months, Indian wedding photography has gone above and beyond to execute some stunning pre-wedding shoots. These photoshoots have gone from being boring to brilliant, thanks to the efforts of the photographers and the couple involved. The key is to make these pictures personal and use them to share your own story. Even wedding invitations inspired by the same idea are customised to be a storyteller. Read how you can create memorable pictures that you’ll love just as much as wedding pictures.

1. Prepare a concept that works for you

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A pre-wedding shoot is the best time to create pictures that reflect you and your partner’s story. Don’t just follow industry trends blindly. Instead, spend time coming up with a concept that works for you as a couple. If you’re a couple that bonds over books, find a cute bookshop for your pre-wedding shoot. For high-school sweethearts, we recommend going back to school and for travel freaks, a trek for old times’ sake. Remember, customization is always good. 

2. Get comfortable with your photographer

The process of finalizing a photographer is not easy and requires many rounds of calls and meetings. But don’t lose touch once you finalise the deal. Meet your photographer before the day of your pre-wedding shoot and get comfortable in his presence. Your photographer needs to understand you as a couple to be able to capture you well. That way, they won't ask you to do something you don't like and will create pictures that work with your personality.

3. Experiment with indoor spaces

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PDA is not everyone's cup of tea and it doesn't have to be. We've seen some great pre-wedding photography, which the couple pulled off within their own homes. That’s where you’ll be naturally intimate with each other. Find a cute corner in your home, clean up any extra clutter and voila! you're ready to shoot. Cook up a storm or just lase around on the lawn to create cosy, feel-good pictures. 

4. Research and save reference images

The good news is that the Internet is filled with some stunning pre-wedding photoshoots of couples from all over the world. Just as you would look for Indian bridal hairstyles or research bridal lehengas with prices, spend some time browsing through our social media accounts and that of your favourite professionals to save reference images. Share these with your photographer and your partner, which leads us to the next step.

5. Practice your poses


We know this sounds cheesy but trust us on this one. You will have to practice your poses with your partner before the actual shoot. A pre-wedding photoshoot is nothing like the couple selfies you've clicked so far. You may enjoy posing at parties but posing for hours together is a completely different ballgame. We suggest discussing pictures with your partner to finalise poses that you'll both be comfortable recreating in front of a professional. That’ll give you ideas for the wedding poses too. From looking for a location that suits your personal aesthetics or trying out different poses to ace your photoshoot, there is a lot that goes into making any photoshoot a hit. 

You've spent a lot of time and finances searching and booking the right wedding photographer, so make sure you utilise their skills in the best possible way. The understanding you once develop will help your photographer capture all the aspects of your D-day like wedding decoration, bridal lehenga, makeup and the rest, really well. A little preparation goes a long way, especially in the wedding photography department. Enjoy the memories and come back with pictures you'll enjoy seeing years later from now.

Which theme did you pick for your wedding shoot? Tell us through comments.

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