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Looking for a Night Club in Delhi for an Unforgettable Bachelor Party? Head over to Any of These 6 Places

By Bhawna Goel, 16/03/19
Looking for a Night Club in Delhi for an Unforgettable Bachelor Party? Head over to Any of These 6 Places

If you're planning a bachelor party for yourself or for your friend, Delhi will not disappoint you with its happening nightlife. Take a look at some of the best night clubs in Delhi that ensure you a rocking time.

Is your friend getting hitched and you're planning to throw a bachelor party for him? Take a look at this listicle of night clubs in Delhi that guarantee you a fun time. It's time to let loose and dance your bachelor life away. If you're planning a bachelor party for your friend, keep in mind the theme and the number of people that'll be attending so that you can book a table accordingly. So, what are you waiting for? Get your friends together and plan something rocking.

1. Privee

The Lightsmiths, Privee

Privee is the ultimate party night club in Delhi nested in the heart of one of the most beautiful hotels in Delhi. It is equipped with great light systems and world-class music system. A dance club and nightclub that can accommodate up to 500 guests is the answer to all the questions about your bachelor party. Privee offers a luxury hospitality experience to its customers and an indoor as well as outdoor party space. Live your Chaar Baj Gaye Lekin Party Abhi Baaki Hai to the fullest while dancing to your heart's content.


2. Playboy Club

Playboy Club

Want to plan a fun bachelor or bachelorette party for your friends in a night club in Delhi? Head on over to Playboy Club in Samrat Hotel. With shiny disco lights, champagne towers and playboy bunnies neon light signs, it will give you the perfect Vegas vibe. Dance your night away to the tunes of some of the best DJs in town. Drink some of the finest wines and indulge in gourmet meals that are served to you by a private butler to give you the most luxurious services.


3. The Library

The Library, The Leela Palace

If you're planning a bachelor/bachelorette party with an old school vibe, head on over to The Leela Palace. It houses a club set in the bygone era and offers an exquisite limited edition whiskey collection. The Library is set on a terrace surrounded with water walls and fireplaces, it also offers a variety of classic reads and an award-winning range of wine and champagne labels. If you want to keep your bachelor party on the down low but still have a fun and good time, The Library is the night club in Delhi for you.


4. Playground


The Playground at JW Marriott is the most happening night club in Delhi. The Playground offers great decor with graffiti walls and comfortable seating. The ambience of the place pays a great homage to the pop culture and the decor is eye-catching. Another major tourist attraction of this place is the colourful food truck that offers a wide variety of international cuisines. The chefs provide you with experimental dishes that'll leave you spellbound and leave you asking for more.


5. Kitty Su

Kitty Su

Kitty Su is one of the most popular night club in Delhi. This is the only club in India that has international recognition by one of the topmost DJs in the world. The club has an enormous floor space and is divided into four sections which are accessible by secluded doors. The place offers a one of a kind music system that transmits sound waves all over the dance floor. The Champagne Room offers a fine selection of wines, champagne, and a number of signature cocktails that are to die for. So, go book a table now and throw a bachelor/bachelorette party that will be the topic of discussion for years to come.


6. The Electric Room

The Electric Room, The Lodhi

The Electric Room is a night club in Delhi that offers you decor that very well compliments the ambience of the place. The floor is fully dedicated to the dance floor and has minimal seating so that you can pull back your hair and dance your night away. The Electric Room take you back to the time where good music and good food were the souls of the evening. Spend your bachelor/bachelorette party sipping the perfect tipple and making memories with your friends that you'll cherish forever.


Planning a bachelor/bachelorette party for your friends is no funny business. Choosing the right night club in Delhi that matches with the vibe and theme that you're going for can prove to be a hectic task. These night clubs in Delhi are some of the great options to choose from that ensure you a great and fun time. Be sure that you inquire about the alcohol serving policy and be sure to book a table beforehand.

Tell us which night club in Delhi you will be heading to for your bachelor party in the comment section below. 

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