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Tips to Help You Rock Every Marriage Dance Routine and get Geared up for an Amazing Sangeet Performace

By, 02/04/19
Tips to Help You Rock Every Marriage Dance Routine and get Geared up for an Amazing Sangeet Performace
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Doesn't matter if you are from the groom’s side or bride’s side, we've got your back! Here we present the latest marriage dance tracks that are sure to garner a round of applause from the audience as you hit the floor.  

From Din Shagna Da to Dilbaro, we all know how immensely relatable these songs become when played at the right moment during a wedding. In addition to the rituals, a wedding is also a lot about dance and giggles. Marriage dance performances are one of the most fun activities which make a wedding worth remembering. So, what are you waiting for? We have got you all covered. Choose a song for yourself and get started with the dance rehearsals. And hey, we want you to win, okay?

Marriage Dance: What Dance Form and Songs You Should Go For?

Since weddings are full of family members, relatives, and gossip-mongering aunties, you’re bound to opt for a 'suitable' dance form. After all, you wouldn’t want to overhear any gossip about you from I-am-going-to-judge-you aunties, who are unfortunately found in all weddings. Opt for a suitable enough dance form, which is ideal for any marriage dance function, Bollywood-style. Wait there's more, from old to new, you can rock any song in this dance form!

1. Marriage Dance Songs For the Sister of the Bride

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If there is someone who gets very excited about a marriage dance, then it has to be the bride’s younger sister. And thankfully, Bollywood has so many iconic songs which make any dance performance quite memorable. Trust me, choosing the right song selection is going to make the bride’s sister dance performance all the more iconic.

Songs that you can go for:

i) Joote Dedo Paise Lelo – Hum Apke Hain Kaun

This timeless classic will make sure that the message is loud and clear if you know what we mean. *wink-wink*

ii) Didi Tera Devar Deewana – Hum Apke Hain Kaun

Learn from the masters of casual flirting and make your mark with this number.

2. Marriage Dance songs for Devar-Bhabi combos

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Oh well, not only the bride’s sisters but these days, the grooms’ sisters-in-law are also not shying away from showing love to the newlyweds by performing a marriage dance. Bollywood to the rescue again.

There are so many devar-bhabhi related songs which are perfect for wedding vibe.

A song that you can go for:

Lo chali main apne devar ki barat leke – Hum Apke Hain Koun

It does not get more specific than this.

3. Marriage Dance Songs for Bride’s Brother

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Most brothers are shy but that doesn't mean they don't want to express their love for their sisters. Love has various ways to express it. And trust us, we totally understand. But hey, if you have collected all the courage and really want to show your sister how much you adore her with your rocking performance. We are with you!

Songs that you can go for:

i) CutiePie - Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

You might tease and torment your sister all you like, but we know you think that she is the cutest of them all.

ii) Phoolon Ka Taroon Ka, Sabka Kehna Hai - Hare Rama Hare Krishna

Isn't that the sweetest gesture or what? Moments like these are simultaneously overwhelming and sweet.

4. Marriage Dance Songs for Bridesmaids with the Bride herself

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This one is one of the most looked forward to marriage dance performances. In fact, the Sangeet ceremony wouldn't be complete without a rocking number by the bride and her tribe.  Well, if you're planning such kickass performance, here is our little contribution!

Songs that you can go for:

i) Meri ankhiyo ne likhe love letters – Michael Mishra

Mash-up your favorite songs and get your girls. That's all you need for a kickass performance.

ii) Munda thoda offbeat hai – Baar Baar Dekho

With beats like this, the audience would definitely want to baar baar dekho this performance.

5. Dance Marriage Songs Suggestion for Bride

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The days when brides would only have the option to do a few bashful steps, all the while carrying a long Ghoonghat are far behind us. The brides today are not to be left behind when it comes to donning the dancing shoes.  After all, what better way to let the groom know how excited she is for their special day. Aww! What can be sweeter than this? 

Songs that you can go for:

i) Dil Diya Gallan – Tiger Zinda Hai

Get your husband to match you step for step on the dance floor. Marriage is a team effort after all.

ii) Piya Tose Naina Lage Re - Guide

Or you can also go solo and amaze them with your moves. 

General Things To Keep In Mind When It Comes To Marriage Dance:

Everything that you needed to plan a marriage dance is mentioned above. We hope we could help you in finalising a suitable marriage dance song. Let us know in the comment section below which song you’re going to perform on. We would love to know that!

And hey you’re going to rock your dance performance. We believe in you. Enjoy!

Written by Vineeta Dangla

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