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Wedding Invitation Wording Tips Every One Must Know Before Printing Their Cards

By Alakananda Bhattacharya, 09/05/18
Alakananda Bhattacharya
Wedding Invitation Wording Tips Every One Must Know Before Printing Their Cards

Aside from spreading the word to friends and relatives by mouth, wedding announcements are best done by sending out invitations. A proper wedding invitation must include just the right wording.

Your wedding invitation is an announcement about your beautiful decision of turning your romance into an eternal love story. It is a document that officially calls for celebrations of the big day and the presence of one and all who receive the wedding invitation are to come and bless you and grace your big day. It is a very crucial task to design the wedding invitation card and choose all the right designs that are liked by you as well as your better half and the parents of both of you too because in India cards still go to the relatives with your parents' names as the hosts. The wedding invitation wording cannot be taken lightly as it is very important for you to put your emotions into words well and express how happy you would be if they came with wishful thinking.

So, you want to choose your wedding invitation wording harmonised with your story, your wedding style and most importantly your personal styles. Be it a traditional Hindu wedding, a Christian wedding in a church or maybe just an informal wedding among close friends and family, your guests should get the essence of your wedding and your story in all aspects including the invitation, the wedding decoration and all the rest.

Here are a few kinds of wedding invitation wording that could be helpful. Read on and see if these resonate with you as a couple:

Religious Invitation Wording:

1. Hindu Wedding Invitation Wording

White Mirage Invites

Apart from the invitation card design, the other important factor in every Hindu wedding invitation is the invitation wording. Hindu marriage invitation wording should have a touch of personal warmth that your relatives and friends can connect to while being traditional. Here are some Hindu wedding invitation wording tips you can follow when creating your own:

2. Christian Wedding Invitation Wording

Pink Whistle Man

A traditional card from any religion should reflect what is important in their culture. Keeping that in mind for a Christian wedding, here are some tips for framing a Christian wedding invitation wording:

Informal Invitation Wording:

Unique & Creative Wedding Invitation Wording

Pink Whistle Man

Whether you are a fun loving or a deeply romantic couple, your wedding invitation wording should reflect your personalities, just as your pre-wedding photoshoot does. If you're planning to have more than one set of invitation cards, a quirky one for your friends and a formal one for other guests, the wording will also need to be different. Here are a few unique and creative wedding invitation wording for friends:

The wedding invitation can be a card in an envelope, which is the classic way of doing it, it can also be wrapped in surprises like the modern invitation boxes with a note inside that states the exact flow of affairs at the celebrations and you will want your wedding invitation wording to make it all clear in one go without any further confusions or phone calls because they did not understand your concepts.

You can add pictures of your engagement rings or the bridal Lehengas and groom’s Sherwani to the invitation to make it look more personal. Create your wedding invitation in such a manner that every guest can’t help but attend your wedding. Your wedding invite is the first official statement of your wedding, so it is imperative that you start off on the right foot! Your wedding guests should be able to relate to what your wedding invite reads out. The tone should be informal but not too informal either. A cohesive mix of some quotes and personal sentiments should be at the fore of your card and should legit be its essence.

Before, you finalise how your card will visually appear to be, so make sure you discuss with your partner as to what you want to be printed on it. A quote or perhaps a song lyrics or some meaningful words from the scriptures, be sure as to what you want your card to read out! So, read on a few samples that are available on social media, talk it out with your partner and last but not the least contact a wedding invitation designer to put your dreams to thoughts! 

Leave a word of advice for couples or your own experiences while selecting the wedding invitation wording, in the comments below.

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