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How to Style Indian Bun Hairstyles for Long Hair to Look like a Bedazzling Queen

By Kajoli Anand, 12/01/19
Kajoli Anand
How to Style Indian Bun Hairstyles for Long Hair to Look like a Bedazzling Queen

Want a hairdo that’s versatile, formal, and modern all at the same time? Indian bun hairstyles for long hair can help you meet all your style goals!

With the advent of the top knot, the classic bun transitioned from being a ‘boring auntie hairstyle’ to a look that is now synonymous with being effortlessly chic. Buns are one of the most versatile hairdos as they offer ample opportunity to personalise the look. For your bridal ensemble, pick any of the following funky Indian bun hairstyles for long hair and dazzle your friends with how elegant you look!

1. The Classic Bun

The Lightsmiths

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? The classic bun is simple, tied low, and ideal for letting other pieces of your wardrobe shine. As this bun is generally hidden by the Dupatta, you can keep it simple.

Why this works: If you’re the kind of girl who tosses her clothes aside and can’t wait to crash into bed, then this bun is ideal for you. This is because you won’t have to worry about taking out a thousand bobby pins from your hair before you sleep.

2. The Classic Gajra Bun

Aanchal Dhara Photography

Another classic, the Gajra bun lends its timeless beauty to any look. If you want a traditional aesthetic that stays true to your culture, then tie a garland of white flowers in your hair.

Why this works: When you pick a traditional look that’s tried and tested, there’s no way you can go wrong. The Gajra bun eliminates all chances of a fashion faux pas.

3. The Blingy Bun

Artfoto Studio

Picking a hair ornament that gels with your vibe is the best way to personalise a simple bun. Place the ornament towards one side of your head for a high-fashion look.

Why this works: Adding a funky ornament to your hair will give the classic bun a modern twist.

4. The Wrapped Bun

Artfoto Studio

Ideal for less formal occasions, the wrapped bun is unique and pretty cool. Tie a silk scarf like a head wrap for a bohemian look.

Why this works: The scarf can help you frame your face and bring more attention to your features.

5. The Low Tight Bun

Knotting Bells

If you have very long hair, coil it into a low tight bun for an elegant hairstyle that looks stunning. You can use an ornamental pin or a string of crystals to deck it up.

Why this works: If your wedding attire has a tight bodice, this hairstyle works well as it adds shape at the nape of your neck while still staying out of the way.

6. The French-Braided Bun

Nitin Arora Photography

The French Braid pulls back hair while creating a vertical, column-like effect. Once you’ve braided the hair, coil the lower part into a bun that is high on volume and texture.

Why this works: If you have thin hair, this is a great way to create the illusion of thick locks.

7. The Side-Braided Bun


Creating a woven or braided look at the sides of your head can create some interesting textures. This is ideal for brides wearing a Dupatta over their heads as you can get away with minimal effort.

Why this works: Like the French-braided bun, this technique adds volume and texture to your hair.

8. The Sleek Instagram Bun


To create this look, you must iron your hair until it’s poker straight and then coil it into a neat bun. To prevent stray tendrils from forming, you can use non-sticky oils to keep the hair in place.

Why this works: This look is ideal for couture vibes!

9. The Bejewelled Bun

White Frog Productions

The bejewelled bun is one of the most popular Indian bun hairstyles for long hair. This is because using jewellery is a great way to upgrade a bun from street-chic to wedding appropriate. Make sure you use thick, intricate jewellery to create a juxtaposition with the texture of your hair.

Why this works: This look is a great way to combine traditional and modern aesthetics.

10. The Passa Bun

White Frog Productions

The Passa bun differs from the bejewelled bun as it uses jewellery as a focal point on one specific spot.

Why this works: By using a Passa or Maang Tikka, you can bring a lot of attention to your eyes and really make them pop!

11. The Elaborate Bun


This look requires additional pieces of hair extensions to create horizontal volume in the bun. You can use the extensions to create intricate braids and rock a bun that’s super ‘extra’.

Why this works: If you’re planning to wear a lot of different jewellery in your hair, you’ll need a heavy bun to support them all.

12. The High Bun

Knotting Bells

The high bun is not a top knot! It’s a bun that’s created right where you would normally tie a high ponytail. This hairstyle is ideal to create support for a heavy Dupatta.

Why this works: This style can help you create an angular silhouette which can, in turn, create balance in your ensemble.

Nailing the perfect hairstyle can help you make or break your entire wedding look. So, test out a few of these Indian bun hairstyles for long hair before committing to a specific style!

Get in touch with expert hairstylists to get a custom look for your big day.

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