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Over 15 Iconic Hairstyle For Marriage Reception Images to Inspire Your Glam Look - Bookmark now!

By , 19/04/19
Vaishnavi Sinha
Over 15 Iconic Hairstyle For Marriage Reception Images to Inspire Your Glam Look - Bookmark now!
The Lightsmiths

Picked your outfits already? Great. Now you need to put your look together. While the wedding would be an easy breeze, choosing the right hairstyle for marriage reception will be a tough one, Make it easy with this collection of beautiful hairstyles.

After deciding all of your outfits and corresponding looks, it might feel like you have exhausted all ideas and inspirations on every event before the reception. But fret not, we bring to over 15 inspirations for hairstyle for marriage reception.

In the series of functions leading up to your wedding and even the reception, you get to dress it up in the best of bridal lehenga couture and carry of the trendiest styles so it is only befitting to find the appropriate and glamorous of hairstyles.

While the reception is the last event, it is the last event you can get dressed as royal and elegantly like a bride. So whether you chose to wear a reception gown, a saree or even a lehenga we bring to you a set of versatile and chic hairstyle for marriage reception from the latest brides, celebrities and even bloggers - the best of everything.

1. The sleek look

Image courtesy: Sabyasachi on Facebook

Actor Deepika Padukone looks like a royal portrait in her reception get-up. Clad in a golden silk saree, Deepika chose a simple yet uber stylish settled-down bun with mogra flowers. The middle part gives away to fresh sindoor on the newlywed star.

2. Accessorise it

Dipak Studios

All dressed in white, this bride looks like a vision and we absolutely adore the subtle curls neatly pulled back from her face with an embellished hairband. The pearls and white beads compliment her outfit perfectly.

3.  Floral bun

Dipak Studios

Some brides don't have a separate day dedicated to the reception and just extend the wedding party into one. So for those brides, just take down the Ghoonghat and let the simple bun breathe with the intricate flowers.  Extra tip: pull out some strands of hair to make it appear a little messy!

4. Extensions all the way!

Dipak Studios

Have short hair and want long tresses for one day during your special summer reception? Get extensions, you get the drama of voluminous hair and can experiment with hairstyles. Look at this bride's hairstyle for marriage reception featuring aa curly top bridal bun and loose curls which look beyond perfect with her glamorous get up.

5.   Pin it up

Dipak Studios

If just leaving your curls down seems a little mainstream, you can always pin your crown section with fresh flowers or even embellished bridal hair accessories for that wow factor!

6. The messy look

Dipak Studios

This summer there is no other look which is more in trend than the messy look. Curl your hair loosely brush it through and after a side parting, pull one side into a loose braid like this bride's hairstyle for marriage reception.

7. Not so plain ponytail

Dipak Studios

Ponytails can never go out of trend. This common hairstyle for marriage reception can be amplified with texturing your hair to make it appear thick and yet delicate. Look at this bride who even tied her pony with strands of her hair, how innovative!

8. Puff it up!

Dipak Studios

Aiming for a retro look? Nothing better than this puffed up look, well complimented with flowers along one side, which not only makes your hair appear voluminous but this look is evergreen for any outfit.

9. Rock 'em cornrows

Dipak Studios

Who said you can rock cornrows only at the beach? We absolutely love this one side rows and the other side pulled together into curls. This hairstyle for marriage reception is modern, edgy and yet so alluring.

10. Ditch the traditional bun

Hitched & Clicked

A step further from your classic bun, this other simple bun is trendy, easy-going and chic. The low bun pulled together with individually curled strands is just some hairstyle for marriage reception!

11.  Let it loose!

The Lightsmiths

Blogger Malvika Rallan slays simplicity with her loose curls left down bare making the look appear effortlessly chic and modern which is the perfect hairstyle for marriage reception with loud makeup!

12. Tight curls

The Wedding Salad

At her grand reception, blogger Trishala Sikka chose thick curls which were scattered loosely without being brushed through which gives each curl body and personality without taking away their form.

13. Braids for the win!

The Wedding Salad

After letting your curls down loose, pull your crown section back into a neat braid to give an attractive and pretty twist to a much-loved hairstyle for marriage reception. This is easy and yet leaves quite an impression.

14. The straight way

Image courtesy: Priyanka Chopra on Instagram

If there are some takeaways we love taking from celebrity fashion is nailing the simple glamorously. At their grand reception, Priyanka Chopra Jonas let her hair down all straight with a sleek middle part. This is so effortless and stylish, an evergreen hairstyle for marriage reception.

15. Intricate bun

Hitched & Clicked

This bride's hairstyle for marriage reception just caught our eye. After being neatly pulled in, each curl was coiled in to form the bun which is so creative and classy!

16. The plain Jane!

Image courtesy: Style Drive on Instagram

Simplicity is so underrated and yet leaving such a good impression. Just look at blogger Aayushi Bangur's hairstyle for marriage reception. With a side part, her hair is neatly pulled back into a sleek ponytail, something so delicate yet so chic.

17. Evergreen styles

Image courtesy: Sagarika Ghatge

Actress Sagarika Ghatka's hairstyle for marriage reception was a classic reinvented in a sleek manner. Her straight hair was pulled back into an inverted bun giving the classic style the much-needed twist.

18. Effortlessly chic

Hitched & Clicked

Last but not least, we saved this look for the end for the brides who want to spare their tresses from another day of appliances and products. This bride's simple hairstyle is perfect with the single strand pulled back like a band leaving her hair in place naturally.

While there is a sea of inspiration available for the perfect hairstyle, we curated and found the best of everything from buns to curls to even braids. Once you pick out your outfit and settle on looks for the other days, choose one last look to dazzle away the groom and your guests at this special event.

We hope this list helped you single down on the one perfect hairsyle for marriage reception, do let us know your favourite look in the comments. 

Vaishnavi Sinha

Vaishnavi Sinha

A romantic by heart, planner by nature and journalist by profession. I love everything shiny,... fashionable and funny. Hope to add some shimmer and colour to your wedding!

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